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Welcome to MAT: Multi-Agent Technology Ltd.


MAT mission 

Our mission is to help businesses, administrations, social and political organisations and individuals to prosper under conditions of complexity of the Internet-based global market. 


MAT products and services

To achieve our mission, we have developed products and services, which help clients to become adaptive to unpredictable changes in markets and resilient to competition, to fraud and to digital crime.


Our unique, in-house developed Intelligent Technology enables us to build Digital Ecosystems, namelydistributed, adaptive, open socio-technical systems with properties of self-organisation, scalability and sustainability inspired from natural ecosystems.


Our strength is our expertise in developing key components of digital ecosystems such as:

  • Industry 4.0 Systems - distributed, adaptive smart factories
  • Real-Time Adaptive Schedulers for logistics, supply chains, factories, service crews, projects, etc.
  • Real-Time Knowledge Discovery Systems for extracting knowledge from data, text or images
  • Semantic Processing Systems for reading and interpreting text

MAT systems have long lifespans - they adapt to changes and co-evolve with their environments.


Our unique value proposition

The in-house developed and battle-proved multi-agent technology, which is used in all our products and services, exhibits Emergent Intelligence, which is the most powerful form of artificial intelligence (AI).


Our unique technology enabled us to solve complex business problems, which even digital giants could not. For example, our founders were the first in the world to design and commission real-time adaptive schedulers for seagoing tankers, space logistics, taxis, car rentals, etc. and an intelligent system capable of reading and interpreting scientific abstracts for scientists. Please have a look at all the pages of this website and get in touch.



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